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The US Mamata Bannerjee Similarities,in,prior to, during and after the Bengal Assembly Elections 2011?

This article tries to present the facts without prejudice to any Religion,Individual and such,even  in its assumptions.The similarity may be a coincidence and no malaise or prejudice, is intended,as I consider all Indian Citizens to be my brothers and sisters.Thus CONVERSION TO CHRISTIANITY is viewed and MENTIONED,on the basis of NATIONAL SECURITY and NOT BIGOTRY .   
Indian Elections are notorious for fraud,despite claims to the contrary.Now,knowing who had ruled India for a longer period of time its is not difficult to know who the culprits are.Knowing this,an attempt is made as to the MAIN scenario in the Bengal Elections which saw the dethroning of the Indian Left in,what was considered long to be its bastions, Bengal and Kerala despite getting almost the same percentage of votes.
1.The Indian Left has connections with China and had with the erstwhile USSR.
2.A particular  "leader" of the Indira Congress party is reported to be PLANTED in India by both the erstwhile USSR and the Opus Dei.
3.The Late Shri Jyoti Bosu,was reported to be,of the opinion that this Leader becoming the PM of India does not have any harmful effects whatsoever.
4.The Indira Congress party and the Indian Left were of the same Coalition,in 2004,Lok Sabha elections,ostensibly,on the basis of being "SECULAR"!
5.The Coalition mentioned above,containing other parties as well,like the DMK "won" the Elections in 2004.
6.During this time,the choice of MM Singh,who had not been ELECTED to the Lok Sabha, as the PM of India saw the culmination of one of the greatest DECEPTIONs in the History of India.For the record it may be mentioned that MM Singh lost the only Lok Sabha elections he contested from Delhi in the 90s of the last Century.  
7.Now,in the International Arena,the situation was like this:-
i.The USA was constantly BULLYING India for her Nuclear test at Pokhran,in the 90s,after the BJP/NDA Coalition, won the Election,on the basis of its promise that it would make India Nulcear and would test a device if it came to power.India's Foreign Minister Shri Jaswant Singh was meeting Strobe Talbott  at various places in and around the World.The USA was also angry that India had done this without any one's knowledge not even the USA.Some embargoes/sanctions were imposed upon India,which India manged to overcome
ii.The erstwhile USSR had been "broken up" and the ever-aggressive,USA and the UK were bullying all and sundry who did not toe their lines,which included M/s Saddam Hussein,Muammer Qaddafi etc,and even Russia herself.They began to caution"either with us or against us",like the Spartan Mother who told her Soldier Son,on his leaving for war,while handing over the shield/weapons to him,"either with it or upon it".The so-called "rogue" Nuclear nations who had not signed the NPT,were also subjects of bullying[see item i above]
iii.Thus it was,that MM Singh,agreed to sign an "Indo-US Nuclear Deal" with the USA,without the Parliament approval.While MM Singh went on proving how dangerous he was for India and her Democratic Republic by bluffing all the while, the Indian Left was against the "deal",for ideological and genuine reasons as things were vague and India would be converted into a toothless Nulcear Tiger,by the USA,by cunning,which is what has happened now.There are also many drawbacks like India "NUKING HERSELF",the spread of Cancer in the areas near the Nuclear Installations whose proposed,capacities are very huge,a "Terrorist Attack" on these etc.In Jaitapur,the French are to provide the Nuclear reactors,which are UNPROVEN with NOT a single PLANT running at present,anywhere in the World including France itself.In fact,there are reports that the French are experiencing many problems.This is the height of contempt that MM Singh has shown Humanity in general,and Indians and their LIVES, in particular.Though the UPA I was in Coalition with the Indian left,MM Singh was following a blatant pro-US and capitalistic policy.In the initial stages he had a very high contempt for the Indian Labourers,who did not have any Social Security Contracts,but now a days he talks of "inclusive growth" though the rich Oligarchs are getting richer,and ALL others POORER due to the decreasing value of the Rupee,in REAL TERMS.
iv.Many of the pro-US-MNCs Bills were also not getting passed in the Parliament due to the Indian Left.
v.Thus the USA,the Master of the UPA sans the Indian Left,by now,had reasons to see that the Indian left was destroyed.Around this time,the staff-strength, of the US Embassies were becoming too big.It was well-known these were CIA,apart from the many MNCs,other NGOs and "Press",of the USA and the West etc.India had been sold to the USA by MM Singh.
vi.With the Indian Left,not supporting the so-called "Indo-US Nuclear Deal",MM Singh,had to tell Bush that the deal had FALLEN through!
                                   Photo From "newanalysisindia",14/8/2008

                                   Photo from businessbrunch.wordpress.com07092008
This was when the USA showed its real anger and showed MM Singh who the Master was! Henry Kissinger and Henry Paulson were dispatched to India who were openly BULLYING India,Paulson saying,repeatedly, "India has to sign the Deal",while Kissinger was very aggressive and said,"No country signs an agreement with a US President and goes back on it".Both of them met with the CPM CM of Bengal Buddhadev Battacharjee.After this some strange things began happening.
a.Buddhadev was supporting MM Singh and the USA.
b.In Singur and Nandigram many people were massacred by the Indian Left,a possible and probable, False Flag in the lines of Gladio.

       Suddenly Mamata Bannerjee and her Trinamul Congress party began to capture headlines as "defenders" of the weak.Was the IB helping by "buying" the Indian media?They won the Kolkatta Municipal  Polls,2010,and again the Bengal Assembly Elections in 2011.What a turnaround after the "Indo-US Nuclear Deal"[fiasco,as this is what made other things possible or necessary for the USA]!
   There are certain similarities with what the USA and Mamata do.
1.MM Singh remarked that the defeat of the Left in Bengal was "regime change",a phrase,very dear  to the US Leaders.
2.Mamata like,Obama,before the elections, wanted "change"[Poriborthon].
3.Mamata thanked both the Italian Woman and MM Singh,after the victory of the TMC.
4.She promised, "Minorities" will be cared for.Mamata pampers Muslims with panchayat Polls in view.This is a must for MM Singh and his Woman Boss.But the following sites present a different story of the majority Hindus in Bengal.
i.Hindu Samhati
    Mamata Bannerjee is friendly with the Maoists,who have agreed for talks with her Govt in Bengal but not with other State Governments.Now in Karnataka,about a day back a Policeman was killed by Maoists.All Maoists activities are very strong MAINLY in non-Congress party and non-TMC-ruled States.Something fishy?.In 2008 an aged Hindu Religious leader was assassinated[reminds one of Gladio and CIA and hence the USA] by the Maoists[a false Flag like Gladio],belonging,reportedly to the Christian Community[It is also reported that the Maoists are supported by the Indian Church,the USA and many NGOs and volunteers who have connections with Christian Communities],and the ensuing Hindu emotional backlash against Christians,was exploited by the UPA,[of which Mamata Bannerjee's party was a member],in 2009 Lok Sabha polls,to brand the BJP and Hindus in general,as anti-Minority.JD snapped relations with the BJP,its ruling Coalition partner, in Odisha.Does one smell a rat?

    There is a report today[10/10/2011] that Christians are protesting the burning of a Church in Egypt.While I sympathize with all the victims,irrespective of their religions,can this be a False Flag like Gladio?To remind everyone,recently,the Pope was claiming that Christians are being persecuted through out the World.Do these two have a connection?
[Please google for:-
1.Spanish Inquisition
2.Goa Inquisitions
3.Attacks on the former Yugoslavia,Afghanistan,Iraq and Libya].
Visit THIS Site.
    Finally the anxiety,regarding the North East India,due to conversion to Christianity,as our National Security is involved.Christians in THREE Border States here,are more than 90% of the population.The conversions were done,reportedly, from the time of the Cold War,by the USA,UK and theVatican.Was Secession an idea by these three,as the USA was unhappy with India's Non-Aligned Stand?Were border areas chosen specifically,with this idea,in mind?If the National Security can be affected by Conversion to Christianity in the North East,can the same apply to Conversion in general,in other areas and even in other non-Christian countries,like Sudan?
   The matter becomes more serious when one is reminded of the illegal immigration of Foreigners in the North East,with China posing a very serious threat in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim..
Please google for "Conversion to Christianity in the North East India".
To be continued.......

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