Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tony Blair And His Foundation.

 Tony Blair is trying to exploit the Schools and Universities,in India too, with the idea:-"Catch'em Young",with his "face to faith" Initiative,using the Outcome Based Education.His aims,despite the rhetoric,like," to learn about each other, the attitude of different religions to global issues such as environmentt are NOT difficult to understand:-
1.Spread Globalization.
2.Making nations LOSE their Sovereignty,by planting "ideas".India will LOSE hers,if she does NOT stop this basically,evil idea.
3.Formation of One World Totalitarian Government.
       What Tony Blair and his Foundation{Foundations are extremely dangerous,as they spread evil and selfish ideas,mostly,especially the Western ones,(at least the US ones),like DEPOPULATION,EUGENICS,promotion of GMO,thus taking IPRs on indigenous plants,seeds,fruits, vegetables etc grown in India for Millennia[Monsanto doing exactly this,with its Bt Brinjal,a popular vegetable used in India,but has been sued for the same],and most importantly influencing Governments,who get huge tax-exemptions for their Charity} are trying here,is very dangerous,but one has to be wary of such mischiefs..
      India needs to tread carefully here and even show Tony Blair,his place .....

  The truly abhorrent Tony Blair,murderer of Millions, contributor to cancer by the use DU containing weapons,who maimed Children,Women,Old and the weak, is misusing religion here.... Tony Blair is UNTRUSTWORTHY too,as he openly talked against India's interest and supported Pakistan on a visit to India in 2011...
Will be updated....

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