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President On Foreign Tour During Navratri.SHOCKING!

Was the absence of the "Hindu" President Pratibha Patil,from India ostensibly on a Foreign Tour,during Navratri Festival,2011, a deliberate and subtle, psychological ploy,against the Hindus of India?It is indeed so,for those who know about Globalists and the Indira Congress party.This,like many others of its kind has gone unnoticed by many.

President Pratibha Patil, who is on a state visit here, and her Swiss counterpart Micheline Calmi-Rey :-Photo from Deccan herald dated 4/10/2011
The Indira Congress party and the UPA are "Minority Conscious".MM Singh always "talks" about Minorities.Mamata Bannerjee soon after "winning" the Bengal Assembly elections:-
1. Thanked MM Singh and the Italian Woman
The relevant excerpt from this link:-
"Mamata also thanked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi for their support."

Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister designate Mamata Banerjee being received by UPA Chairperson and Congress President, Sonia Gandhi at her 10 Janpath residence in New Delhi on Monday. Photo:Rangnath Tiwari
From the Sunday Indian,
2. Talked of "caring for" the Minorities,though there are reports that Bangla Deshi and Indian Muslims are harassing Hindus in Bengal,especially in places near the border with Bangla Desh,like DEGANGA etc  and are trying to usurp many religious places of Hindus, like Gangasagar.
    Having thus understood,that the UPA SEEMS to have "something",regarding Hindus and hence the Minorities too,the absence[on a visit to Switzerland and Austria,from 30/9/2011 to 8/10/2011] of the President Pratibha Patil,who is a Hindu,on Vijaya Dasami day[in fact for about  8 days out of the 10] is indeed a bit of a shock.The ones who greeted Indians were all non-Hindus!Though apparently,innocuous this seems to have a very great significance.This is "Predictive Programming",  for the Hindus of India to get accustomed to such things.By the way,2/10/2011,was Mahatma Gandhi's birthday!
    The reason is not hard to fathom.MM Singh is a Globalist,member,Club Of Rome,and strongly suspected to be PLANTED by the Super-Globalist,the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank,in what is considered one of the greatest deceptions in the History of India.Globalists generally TRY TO WEAKEN THE MAJORITY OF A NATION,in this case Hindus,as they are the ones strong and Nationalistic enough to oppose the Globalists' idea of One World Totalitarian Government.[In the USA the Mexicans and other Immigrants, and in the UK and Europe,Multiculturalism are used to weaken the Majority.In India and its Master,the USA,"terrorism",is used to accuse the majority,the terms used being,"saffron terrorists" and "Christian terrorists",respectively. "Home Grown terrorists", a phrase originally used in the USA,is being used in India also after repeated meetings among P.Chidambaram,Janet Napolitano and Panetta].
    Thus the bias against the Hindus though not OPENLY manifest,but hidden[the Indira congress party maintains SECRECY] all the same,is a matter of concern in Secular India.This gathers added significance when one remembers, that on the morning of 5/6/2011,at about 0100 Hrs,the Hindu Swabhiman Leader,Baba Ramdev and his followers,were, severely beaten up,at the Ramlila Grounds,The Baba himself humiliated and a Woman named Raj Bala,aged 51,so severely beaten up,that she broke her spine,was on ventilator for more than 3 months and met her Lord after spending more than three months in unconscious condition.Her son,daughter-in-Law, and others,reportedly, allege that the UPA Government does not answer many questions,regarding her death etc.

       What would have been the case,sad as its,if The late Raj Bala belonged to a Minority Community?Or if the ruling party or Coalition at the Centre were BJP or NDA?All hell would have broken loose,with the National Commission for Minorities and NHRC calling for the blood of those concerned.The plight of Hindus in India under the Indira Congress party is extremely dangerous,going by these incidents.
   The Baba and his second have since,been harassed by the ED etc regarding his Ayurvedic Businesses etc.
   And the surprise is that Navratri, in Delhi is conducted at the Ramlila Grounds....Imagine connecting the President of India,with, Ramlila Grounds,which reminds one of the very CRUEL, sad and DICTATORIAL,incident mentioned above,..
  Ramlila Grounds on the morning of 5/6/2011 after the Police Cruelty.Photo from rediif site.

Photo FacenFacts 
This is becoming curiouser and curiouser....
To be continued.....

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