Friday, October 21, 2011

India In Very Great danger Under The Indira Congress Party!

Indira Congress party favours CRIMINALITY and Dictatorship.
Indira Congress party's poor performance, non-governance and  anti-India Policies,are very shocking.The Ministers take the Indian masses for utter idiots[possibly for tolerating them].The following are  matters of utmost concern.
1.Mega-Corruption at the Centre.This Coalition at the Centre should have been dismissed long ago.
2.Secrecy of the Central Government.Many reports on scams by the CAG have not been tabled in the Parliament.
3.Lack of Democracy at the  intra-party and National levels.The Government at the Centre now is a DICTATORSHIP.
4.Intolerance to criticism and reports by the CAG regarding various scams and malpractices..
5.Dividing the Nation on Religious grounds taking a clear anti-Hindu stance,but claiming to be SECULAR.
6.Anti-National following Globalist policies.HINDUS ARE IN VERY GREAT DANGER UNDER THE PRESENT GOVERNMENT AT THE CENTRE. Uses Religion to divide the nation to cover up its mega-Corruption and lack of pro-India policies and agendas.
7.Favours CRIMINALITY.Anti-poor following policies favouring the Corporate Honchos.
       The Law Minister Salman Khurshid says that Businessmen cannot be Jailed as it will affect Investment and Business. India's SC was shocked.Needless to say,the whole Nation too.Here is a minister condoning corruption and OTHER CRIMES........
    The Globalists in whose hands, the Indira Congress party and MM Singh [member,Club Of Rome,a Globalist Body]are,MERE  PUPPETS do not respect any National or International law/s.
8.Anti-national Economic policy,ONLY aiming for "GROWTH".
9.Uses subtle psychological ploys in league with its master,the USA to denigrate Democracy and praise its OWN Dictatorial and UNDEMOCRATIC methods.
        The value of the Rupee has fallen in real terms by a huge amount in the last two years for the poor,Middle Class and the fixed-income groups,as the prices of vegetables,Milk and Edibles oils have DOUBLED in the last TWO years.
        But the Indira Congress party[Planning Commission,for the 12th Five Year Plan] continues to follow the DIKTATS of the World Bank which include among other things, Privatization,PPP,Stock, Commodities and Currency Markets,selling India's resources like water and raw-materials, and the so-called "growth".
        Now the question arises.What is growth?is it making the life of the poor,Middle Class and the fixed-income groups miserable for a few Oligarchs Indian and Foreign to make huge profits?Is such a "growth" worth the while,when the Majority of the nation suffer?
        FTA and opening up of the borders for travel,jobs etc for EU like SAARC,misusing SAFTA, which will make India LOSE Sovereignty,shatter her local Businesses and usher in the dream of the Globalists,"ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT".
9.Encouraging Personality Cult and rule by One family.
10.The present Government at the Centre is controlled by the Globalists as MM Singh is himself one being member,Club Of Rome.He is strongly suspected to be PLANTED by the World Bank and the IMF.
11.The MISUSE of CBI,ED,IT and THE MEDIA, etc against protesters and Political opponents like in the case of cash For Votes Scam,is a breach of Democracy and clear indication of DICTATORSHIP on the part of the Indira Congress party.
The Indian Court seems to be soft on MM Singh and P.Chidambtam,as regards the 2 G spectrum scam.
12.Under the Indira Congress party,the Indian Democratic Republic is being converted into an Unconstitutional Oligarchy.
To be continued.....

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