Saturday, October 29, 2011

India in Danger from the Illuminati.

   India and her Majority Hindus are in danger as the Illuminati support the Minorities to create a divided India to usher in One World Totalitarian Government.The trend of Minority Appeasement is approaching dangerous proportions.
   Generally,events, agreements between and  among nations controlled by the Illuminati,meetings like G20,etc take place after the Bilderberg Annual "Secret" Meetings[June]
How the Illuminati,[Globalists] connect events!Here's an example:-
1. Queen Elizabeth a Super Illuminati in Perth for the Common wealth meet calling for "reforms".28/10/200.

2.The Illuminati Sporting event with Pop  Music[ group reportedly controlled by the Illuminati] event F1 Grand Prix started in India at Greater Noida.The Illuminati are very meticulous even with the minutest details[s].The name,"Buddh" is very important and has a lot of inner meaning.Buddh means "ENLIGHTENMENT" or knowledge just like the "Illuminati" which also means the same.

This seems, an obvious sign with contempt to Society

                                   The third from Left flashes the notorious Illuminati Satanic Sign 
3.Azim Prem Ji [ A Rockefeller and Carnegie clone,as far as his Charity is concerned, to,possibly, usurp the power of the Government Of India,as these two did in the USA,in addition to "moulding" the Children,the Future Citizens]  and his Foundation announce about the schools he is starting.

The choice of this person is very important and he has the blessings of the US Globalists like Clinton a Bilderberger and the Super Globalist Rockefeller a Bilderberger,Trilateral Commissioner and CFR "big shot".
4. Item 3 is coming after the Sibal Clinton Agreement in Education.This comes after the Bilderberg Annual "Secret" Meeting at St Moritz, Switzerland and the Bohemian Grove meet in the USA.  

                       Donald Rumsfeld and Karzai [Newsweek, May 12, 2003, p. 32]
Note the similarities.Who is the Master and who the Slave?Obvious.
Illuminati handshake?
More on Illuminati handshakes.
5.F1 was on 30/10/2011 a day before the Assassination anniversary Of Indira Gandhi in which event the Illuminati is suspected to have acted and used their proxy,as the late lady Dictator of India had nationalized the Indian banks,a GREAT CRIME in the eyes of the Bankster Globalists.
6.The proposed World Series Hockey,seems an Illuminati event to divert the attention of the Indian masses and to transfer India's Wealth outside.
The Illuminati Globalist banksters do not want the following "FRAUDS" to be changed for the better:-
i. Fractional Reserve Banking and Fiat Currency.
ii.Banks to be Private.NO nationalization of ANYTHING, especially banks.
iii.The unregulated Derivatives which is NOT BOUND ANY LAW anywhere in the World.
iv.The Dollar's primacy as the Reserve Currency.
        These Illuminati like to have fun....... Qaddafi's  murder and Saddam hanging are suspected to be Illuminati ritualistic killings.
To be continued...

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  1. Enter your jio is also one of the concept of illuminiti .They put one step ahead to apply net neutrality in India . what's ur view . can all of we make one organization to wake up Indians and save our bhartmata from danger