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The Why,What,Who,When,Which and Where Of the Sachar Report

The Why,What,Who,When,Which and Where Of the Sachar Report.
Presented in the lower house (Lok Sabha) of the Indian Parliament on 30 November 2006 (20 months after obtaining the terms of reference from the PMO),as per the link above.
Who wanted the report?  The GLOBALISTS.
Because the Globalists were attacking and occupying Muslim nations from 2001 on wards,for many reasons ranging from "energy security" by securing Oil in West Asia to curbing the Chinese from buying assets there etc.In addition the USA conquers countries Militarily[to make perpetual war a means for PROFIT,as per the recommendation of PNAC] or economically.While Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc fall in the former category,India falls in the latter one. Besides India is being conquered Culturally and Educationally,too to Americanize India. Legislative Conquest of India is being done by the so called "Yale-India" program or initiative.

So the USA IS very unpopular among Indian Muslims in general and the Muslims AROUND THE WORLD, in particular.As seen in item 1 above above,the TIMING is very important.In 2005 Bush and M M Singh signed  a secret  "Strategic Alliance".This alliance will be FAILURE as the Indian Muslims were opposed to the UNPOPULAR USA.If the USA were to survive in India they HAD to APPEASE the Muslims.
In the Fulbright-Nehru program,there is special provision,called " OUTREACH TO INDIAN MUSLIMS"...which says,"USIEF continues to promote several Fulbright Muslim outreach initiatives by placing U.S. Fulbright scholars at leading Muslim institutions in India."
Now MM Singh is a Globalist, member,Club Of Rome.The USA is being ruled by the Globalist, Council On Foreign Relations. All these Globalists Bodies are interconnected.
Now CFR published an article on the conditions of Indian Muslims based on the Sachar Report.
  This shows that the USA had a lot of interest regarding Indian Muslims,to safeguard  its so-called "Strategic Alliance", mentioned, with India.
Now M M Singh made a very controversial and Communal remark on 9 th December 2006:-
"Minorities, particularly Muslims, must have the first claim on resources".
THIS LINK is a critique of this absurd,anti-national,Communal and anti-Hindu claim by MM Singh.
       The reason is very clear:-
The USA wants to nip any Muslim opposition in India in the bud.
       The many Awards and other recognition to 

members of a particular Community are too 

      That's why the Globalists weaken the Majority in every Nation,with preference to Mexicans in the USA and encouraging Multiculturalism in the UK and Europe,as very good examples.
        It is worth noting that not long ago P.Chidambaram accused Hindus of being "Saffron terrorists",taking pains to PRAISE the Jesuits in India, at the same time!This is similar to what the HLS is doing in the USA,namely branding the US Citizens as "Home Grown Terrorists",which P.Chidambaram is also using frequently,in India against the Majority Hindus.The frequent meetings among P.Chidambaram,Janet Nepolitano and Leon Panetta is a matter of great anxiety for Indian Citizens
      Apart from P.Chidambaram,another rookie,Christian  MP[?],of the Indira Congress party is reported to have discussed "Hindu Terror" with the last US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer,member,CFR.  
      An excerpt from the link above:-Timothy Roemer,".  I have visited these English Access programs here at Deepalaya School in South Delhi and in a Muslim school in Kolkata."
      The TIMELINE for the so called Sachar report is as follows:-
2005:-Bush and MM Singh sign an agreement.
2005,February:-Sachar is asked to submit a report.
2006,November:-Sachar Report tabled.
2006,[9th December]:-
MM Singh:- "Minorities,especially,Muslims have the first claims  to the resources of the nation".
   God Save India from such Dictators! 
     Thus Sachar Report,might have been prepared on the DIKTATS of either the USA,or the CFR. Is it the DUTY of an Indian Government,to appease a particular Community because that Community is ANGRY with the USA and its anti-Muslim policies elsewhere in the World?
     Thus,a truly, Secular Government should eschew Religion,be it with Tony Blair and his "Foundation",the USA,South Korea or other nations of the World.The UPA's[especially,the Indira Congress party's] mixing Politics with Religion will radicalize and DIVIDE India with disastrous consequences.For ,POVERTY knows NO Religion.....
To be continued....

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