Sunday, October 23, 2011

Libya:-The Lessons For India

Why Libya was attacked,despite the thawing of relations and the Late Mr Qaddafi's connections ?Here's one LINK.
And HERE is another.
The attacks and ouster of Muammer Qaddafi with the culmination his murder [20/10/2011], after an intense physical and mental abuse,for about an hour,when the dazed Late Libyan Leader was already suffering from an injury, probably from the combined assault on his convoy by a US drone and some NATO fighter planes,shows that the USA's "War On terror" is a very big LIE,as it was the Al Qaeda,which was,reportedly, exploited for this purpose by Israel,the NATO and the USA.The inhuman treatment meted to the Late Mr.Qaddafi resulting in his death,has flouted many norms which include Humanitarian.He is seen,being hit on his Left temple,with a Pistol after which, blood starts oozing copiously.

His body was made almost clothe-less in his final moments or near it.
        The Late Qaddafi was in friendly terms with all the Western nations,for the last 10 years,and it comes as a very great surprise that he met his end in  this very brutal fashion.Almost his entire family has been annihilated except for some [wife, daughter,two sons] who have managed to escape to neighbouring countries, and one Son is reported to be in Libya, itself.As on 28/10/2011,Said al-Islam Qaddhafi is.reportedly, in Niger.
        This  LINK shows the unbelievably cruel treatment Qaddafi was subjected to,soon after his "capture".
        People of Sirte are bitter,that the anti-Qaddafi forces had revenge on them and robbed them
The other Nations that are on line,for a Western takeover, are:-
US drones in neighbouring Ethiopia. Whereas in Libya the USA,by proxy used the Al Qaeda,the war in Somalia is reportedly against Al Shabab which is accused of being supported by the same Al Qaeda!!
4.Iran.[Some UN sanctions in place]
5.North Korea
8.Ivory Coast
        Venezuela to bring back $11 Billion worth Gold from US and Europe.
       The USA has sent troops to Uganda, Central Africa and Congo.
       The Lesson for India is:-
i.The US Government cannot be trusted.
ii.The USA's "War On Terror" is a LIE.
iii.The UN is a mere tool in the hands of the Globalists and weak nations are in very great danger.
iv.Many Geneva Conventions and International laws were flouted.

The NRIs  in the USA,France and the UK[Australia,New Zealand etc etc too],will be used as in the case of the so called "Indo-US Nuclear Deal" when hoards of them descended on the capital Delhi,in 2008,in support of Uncle Sam.All Indian Institutions seem to have been infiltrated by the USA,UK,the Vatican and perhaps Israel.But,unfortunately,MM Singh is suspected to be PLANTED by the IMF and the World Bank and the Italian Woman by the Opus Dei and the erstwhile USSR.

    The tactic that may be used against India, will be a False Flag Gladio clone to smear the Majority Hindus as anti-Minorities and anti-Dalits.
To be continued......

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