Friday, October 28, 2011

Corporate Tools For Globalization Thro' Mind Control etc

Formula 1 Motor racing at Greater Noida, And IPL,fall into the category of Illuminati Cultural Invasion[especially as it is timed to coincide with India's Diwali,the North Indian New Year Day],diversion of the attention of the masses,brainwashing, Mind Control through advertisements and other programs[Pop Music,parties etc] during the telecast of these vents,with profit as a very big BONUS,and GLOBALIZATION as the MAIN OBJECTIVE.
This event occurring  simultaneously,at Perth,28/10/2011, has great significance:-
"Queen Elizabeth calls For Bold reforms In Commonwealth".Queen Elizabeth is considered a member of the Power Elites,the so-called "ILLUMINATI".

Pop groups Lady Gaga and Metallica [postponed] "performing",at F1 venue, is no coincidence but a well laid-out plan.
No explanation is needed for a "hidden' message!

 Note the Illuminati sign flashed by the third from Left, at second from Left and extreme right.
     Satanic Symbol from the Illuminati[Globalists].

IPL has all the qualities of Basketball in the USA with its Auctions and what not, especially the CHEERLEADERS.
An excerpt from the link above:-
"The IPL is predicted to bring the BCCI income of approximately US$1.6 billion, over a period of five to ten years. All of these revenues are directed to a central pool, 40% of which will go to IPL itself, 54% to franchisees and 6% as prize money. The money will be distributed in these proportions until 2017, after which the share of IPL will be 50%, franchisees 45% and prize money 5%. The IPL signed up Kingfisher Airlines as the official umpire partner for the series in a INR106 crore (US$23.64 million) (approximately £15 million) deal. This deal sees the Kingfisher Airlines brand on all umpires' uniforms and also on the giant screens during third umpire decisions."

Formula 1 is the typical Illuminati/Globalist Corporate symbol of acceptance etc.
An excerpt from the link above:-
"Formula One can be seen live or tape delayed in almost every country and territory around the world and attracts one of the largest global television audiences."
Recently we had seen the trend of Sporting events conducted, in Asia like in Japan [World Cup Soccer],South Korea[World Cup Soccer and Olympics],China[Olympics] etc.
See what ASSOCHAM has to say:-
"Formula 1 Grand Prix race in India could generate revenues of over Rs 90,000 crore in the next ten years and create 15 lakh new jobs opportunities for technical, skilled and commercial workers, according to industry body Assocham. The first ever event at Greater Noida this weekend is expected to generate business worth Rs 10,000 crore from sale of tickets, advertisements, hospitality and travelling, besides creating new business hubs and giving a boost to commercial and residential properties".....
To be continued....

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