Friday, October 7, 2011

Secularism In India

      Secularism in India seems, exploiting and harassing the Majority Hindus in all possible ways,as shown by:-
1.Having Hindu Temples under Government control,while,as per reports, Mosques,Churches and Gurudwaras are excluded.

2.Always attack Hindus,but fail to introspect and ignore faults in self,by those,who try to suppress Hindus.Some examples are:-
i.Caste.But Monarchy in the UK,Europe and Arab Countries are also similar to caste,and inequality which is a world-wide phenomenon is the same as caste. Hierarchies in almost all fields starting from the UNSC,Nuclear Club etc are examples of Caste.
ii.Ridiculing the lack facilities of the poor among Hindus to answer Nature's call etc.
iii.Almost all Hindu Religious practices,all the while preaching "Religious Freedom".Is Religious Freedom ONLY for non-Hindus?
iv.Treating Beggars,Homeless etc with contempt while preaching Philanthropy.
There are many like these,which will be added in due course.......
3.Subsidy for other religions but not for Hindus[at least even for the poorest among them].During Hindu festival times,the transport charges etc are raised,but subsidy is offered for other religious groups,during their Festivals.
4.Do not pay heed to request of Hindus like stoppage of trains during Festival Seasons at some particular Stations,which will make things easier for them, but doing the same for other religious groups.
5.Some Religious groups misuse Hindu SC/ST facilities[like Job Reservation,Promotion,Access to cheap Food for the SC/ST etc], using Hindu names though they belong to other Religions.One ex-President Of India,[Late] and a CJI are reported to have resorted to this.
6.Aggressive Conversion tactics and False Flags, to usurp Political Power misusing "proportional representation",spreading HATRED for the Majority of any Nation is a dirty trick used by a particular Community.
7.Some Religious groups, opposing the Uniform Civil Code condoned by some parties all the while preaching "Secularism".
To be continued......

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